Life Being Difficult? 
Need Someone To Talk To? 
Just Need Someone Willing 
To Hear You Out? 

I’m easy going, soft spoken, and very mild manner. As an introvert I do NOT get real excited and gun ho! I’m mellow and sincere. If you need someone to actually listen, not talk, but actually listen to understand you, then I’m the one for that! 
If you are looking for someone to help you “solve” your problem, and get you all fired up telling you to “Go For It!” I’m not the one for that.  I’m here to provide a shoulder (or ear) for you to lean on. We only talk about what you want to talk about. It’s your time to say what you need to say. I’m here to be a support person.
I quietly listen to what you have to say. I seek to understand your problems and be a support for you. I listen to your problems but I don’t solve your problems. I may listen to what you plan on doing and give you feedback… if you ask. I’m not here to force the issue; I’m here to understand the issue. My main goal is to be a support for you and to help you get clarity.

For sessions in-person or by phone call 509-386-4957.
For Coaching via the Internet I use Skype or Google+
Other Options: Small group sessions available 
Fees: No fee. This is a hobby business. 
For financial transactions I am using PayPal 
Hours: Mon-Sat - Flexible hours, late evening sessions possible.

LCFS Mission Statement: To show compassion for all people, seeking first to understand them, helping them to be healthy, believing they are whole and complete, capable of making life changes, and comfort them on their journey to success. 
(Jn 21:15-17)

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